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Our People

The ‘people’s people’ at greensplash are a warm, always eager to help bunch; and to keep us at the forefront of medical communication, we deliver a skilled, tailored approach coupled with an open and honest partnership. We put our heart into all we create and connect with each project from the perspective of giving it that individual edge.  We always aim to bond on a personal level with our clients and give a well-managed delivery of your business needs, whilst being mindful of ever changing business environments, time zones and the differing nature of the work loads of all involved.

Each senior specialist in our team has proven knowledge within their area of expertise and has worked alongside many pharmaceutical and healthcare clients to deliver international events, training materials, apps, digital sales aids and other tools to improve content delivery and patient awareness, which is just one of our key focuses on the kaizen approach we apply to our success.

Finally, to ensure our unified culture, we operate a flat structure where we all evolve and grow together. We understand that everyone is unique and with greensplash you gain a personalised experience where the communication is consistent, which builds trust to maintain a strong working relationship from the start to the end of your journey.

We excel in:

  • Account Direction
  • Account Management
  • Project Management
  • Event Organisation and Planning
  • Medical Writing
  • KEE Development
  • Scientific Design
  • Web Build and Development,
  • Branding, Advertising
  • Third Party Relations
  • Digital Apps
  • Interactive Story Telling


We are always looking for Expert Medical Writers, PR Specialists.

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We have an imaginative mix of colourful people who like to push themselves outside boundaries, achieve, fulfil and deliver on goals.


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Karen Spruce
+44 (0) 1606 884 123


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